NOTICE: Only 5,000 4,777 4,577 4,377 3,777 2,977 1,977 977 377 247 137 77 47 17 Seats LEFT To Be Trained PERSONALLY By Henry Gold As Well As Receiving Bonuses, Worth $2,535.00, For FREE!

WARNING! Before You Join Another Business Opportunity You Must Read This...

"What If You Can Have Henry Gold, A Highly Respected Internet Marketing Expert Coach You on Building Your Profitable Business in 17 Minutes For FREE? -- He Will Even Work Together With You to Build Your List, Make Money, And Generate
A Passive Income Stream on Auto-pilot

Henry Gold
Northern Massachusetts
Tuesday, 7:23 AM

Dear Friend,

I am going to do SOMETHING I have never done before.

In the past five years, I have been asked many (many) times by my subscribers IF I would be willing to coach them personally. The answer was always "NO" because of my busy schedule, due to various projects. However, as I am officially retired from the field, I have decided to do something differently.

I am going to coach you personally for FREE!

Why do I want to do that?

Before I tell you why I made the decision to do that, there is something you need to know...

In the last two years, I have been attending church on a regular basis. I have had people come to me for advice all the time. They told me things like, "Henry, I wish I could be like you". Since I was really tied up with many projects in the past, including working with best-selling authors and International speakers on their businesses, I couldn't help but feeling bad all the time.

I had to turn down people LEFT and RIGHT. It didn't make me happy at all. Days and nights, I always wished that I could be a resource for my subscribers. I always wished that I could tell them, "Hey, here you go, this is HOW you do it" I just couldn't do it. This thought has been with me all these years. In church, people have always blessed me all the time. I saw my bible study group members pray for me. I saw them say things like "Henry, I prayed for you during the morning prayer meeting"

It made me want to cry. :-(

When they had a hard time, especially a financial hard time, I couldn't help it, but say "NO" to them for the reason that I was very busy. I felt that I became a very selfish person. How could I ACT like that? At the same time, I've also had the dilemna in my business. Seriously, I couldn't just drop the project I where worked with my partners. They would KILL me for ignoring the project.

However, the TIME has COME.

I have systemized most parts of my business.
I have created a traffic generation system on Auto-Pilot.
I have put all my team members in place.
I have replaced myself in the hierachy organization of my business.

Basically, I am NO LONGER in charge of the main operation of the business. This is WHY I told myself that IF I don't help you right now, I may NOT have the time anymore in the future to help you out. WAIT! Even when I went to New York City to meet my mastermind group members, they wanted me to be IN CHARGE of their projects, I firmly say "NO" to that.

I told them... "It is time to give away".

"What do You Mean By Giving Away?"

Well, I have decided to give away the confidential information I have used to build my business to seven-figure per year online. In addition...

I am also going to give you all past email letters that has produced between $3,000 and $12,000 in sales every four days, joint venture proposals that helped me to bring in an extra $200,000 in 30 days, sales copies that brought in an extra 500,000 subscribers in the last 5 years, and much more. Basically, you will get everything that I did in the back office - all for you to build a multi million dollar corporation of your own.

On top of that, I am also going to COACH you on how to become extremely successful online. You can be a total novice, I don't expect you to be me in the first place OR you can be a medium marketer. You will have unlimited access to me.

You can ask me questions about your business.
You can ask me questions about your strategy.
You can ask me questions about the BASIC website set-up.
You can ask me questions about ANYTHING in business.

It doesn't matter to me. It can be a stupid question or an intelligent question. I will definetely give you step-by-step guidance on WHAT you need to do to take your business to a five-figure per month income online. IF I do not know the answers, it is RARE anyway, I will find the answers for you. I have close to 3,000+ friends in my network who will eagerly help you in your business.

This is the REASON I have been busy all the time. I network with the people on the top. I brainstorm many new strategies with them in business. I have been actively travelling to many different cities and countries. In fact, as I write this letter for you, I am on my way to Seattle for my next meeting.

Do I NOT know their strategies?
Do I NOT know how to monetize online?
Do I NOT know what it takes to become successful online?

Now, if you have NOT heard about me in the past, I am NOT going to just keep bragging about myself all the time. That sounds like "HYPE". Instead, I will let those folks who have been working with me in the past tell you the "RESULTS" I have created for their businesses:

"5,000+ Subscribers in 30 Days"

Hey guys,

What an amazing campaign, classy, well thought out, in integrity. Every challenge one of my subscribers had, you took care of instantly.


Even when there was a piece of questionable copy on the sales page it was dealt with swiftly and elegantly. It is a true pleasure to work with you all. OK now for the even better part. I have receive almost 5,000 new subscribers AND they love my gifts so it is a great demographic match.

That is more than I could have hoped for; not only are they subscribing, but they are subscribers that fit my list. ALSO my own joint venture partners that I introduced to your program are achieving wonderful success, it seems like all are winning!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this excellent program, and I know that the high quality gifts are also changing lives."

Jennifer McLean
Author The Big Book of YOU and Host of Healing with The Masters

"915 Subscribers in 30 Days
With 117Network


Thank you so much for doing the 117 campaign. I just keep scrolling down the page. I was just amazed on what you did and how you did it.

Seriously man... If I were to pay for getting 915 subscribers, I would probably have to pay $2,000.00 for this. Henry, I created this video to show you my appreciation.


You really help out a lot of newbies like me. I think you changed the way I look into business. Keep up the good work, man!

=> Watch The Video Below <=

Alberto Hallado

"1,251 Subscribers in 30 Days"

Hi Henry,

I'm Odinn Sorensen, author of the "How to make your own Professional WordPress Blog" video tutorials. I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to Henry Gold for his 117 Christmas Gifts giveaway. It has been a huge success for me.


In the first 7 days I received *436* new subscribers. After 3 weeks, I had over 1000 new subscribers and the total is now *1251* new subscribers to my list. Without a doubt, the 117 giveaway have been one of the best I have participated in, and I look forward to being part of the next 117 network giveaway.

I highly recommend that you join the 117 network giveaway, to build your list as a contributor!

Odinn Sorensen

"$7,200 in sales and 3,000+ Subscribers"

Hi Henry,

I participated in the 117SelfImprovementGifts Campaign in August of 2007 mostly because I saw all the self help gifts being offered and thought, "What a great way to help people improve their lives."


I'd been involved in a couple of campaigns before but nothing like yours! Every day new leads flooded into my business. At first I was surprised but let me tell you...I got used to it pretty quickly!

To be honest, I didn't really follow what commissions I was making because, like I said, I was most interested in getting self improvement products to as many people as possible.

Well...was I SHOCKED when I looked in my account and it said I had earned $7,200.00 in commissions! I thought it had to be a mistake.

It wasn't. I had built my list by more than 3,000 quality subscribers AND earned a nice $7,200 in commissions from your campaign. I didn't track how much I made after in backend sales but I'm sure it was a large number.

And the best part? We didn't know each other back then and NOW look at us: we're partnering together to help MORE people improve their lives!

Keith Matthew

"700 Subscribers in 30 Days"

You guys are really cool!

When I saw your email to add my success story, I wanted to jump to the front of the line and thank you guys!


This was really my first JV and I added nearly 700 people to my email list promoting my Japanese Secret ebook! Wow! Thank you...I look forward to working with you guys in the future!

=> Watch The Video Below <=

Warmest regards,
Brad Hamilton

"5,500 Subscribers and $3,000 in sales"

Hi Henry,

This is the BEST Promo I've been on in a long time! I've had a previous list building campaign that brought in over 1,500 new subscribers in about 5 months. BUT... This... Holy Cow!


117Network BLEW down the doors! After more than 5,500 brand new EAGER, money hungry Subscribers and over $3,000 in product sales in less than 20 days, I'm still enjoying a continuous healthy relationship with them. New sales are still rolling in like Thunder as I type.

This is definitely Success UnPlugged Material. You're making me Rich! Awesome Job Guys! Thanks a MILLION!

Lonnie Amirault

"2,246 new subscribers in 30 Days"

Dear 777Selfhelp team,

Yes! This has been pretty amazing - 2,246 new subscribers in one month - not bad! Many thanks!
aloha - (From Hawaii)


Angela Treat Lyon
EFT Trainer
Elite Business Success Coach
Radio Show Host & Speaker

On top of that, I have been working with so many successful entrepreneurs in the world to BUILD a multi-million dollar corporation since 2004 on various projects.

Some of them are best-selling authors.
Some of them are International speakers.
Some of them have 150,000+ subscribers.
Some of them have been featured in the movie "The Secret".
Some of them are very successful entrepreneurs who work with fortune 500 companies, such as: IBM, American Express, Coca Cola, just to name a few.

In addition, my RECENT partners, Dr. Joe Rubino and Keith Matthew on the Self-Improvement campaign are TOP marketers in the world. They are the best self-help gurus in the industry, where they network with people like Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Mark Joyner, and many others.

"Henry Gold is a Marketing Genius"

Henry Gold is a marketing genius. I had the opportunity to learn from him step by step as we built the most successful Giveaway Campaign in the history of the Internet,


Henry's strategies resulted in adding about 50,000 new subscribers to our list in a 6 month period. If you want to learn how to build a successful Internet business, Henry is your man.

Dr. Joe Rubino
Best-Selling Authors of 9 Books in 19 languages

Furthermore, they have made a HUGE IMPACT in people' lives. They are best-selling authors, they have been featured on top Television Shows like Better Homes and Gardens TV, Shaw Cable, the Modest to Millions Show on The Success Television Network to name just a few. Dr. Joe sits on the board of directors of several leading companies and both Joe and Keith have made a difference in the lives of millions of people.

Of course, IF you've known me in the past, I've made many breakthroughs in the last FIVE years online, which include getting 50,000+ subscribers in 30 days with NO subscriber list, NO paid advertising, and NO big buzz. Here are some of the breakthroughs I have done in the past:

Breakthrough #1: Henry Gold made a breakthrough, where his campaign, received 25,000 members in 14 days on Dec'04.

Breakthrough #2: Henry Gold made a breakthrough, where his campaign, Version II received 50,000 members in 56 days on Dec'05.

Breakthrough #3: Henry Gold made a breakthrough, where his campaign, received 28,000 members in 14 days on Dec'06.

Breakthrough #4: Henry Gold helped Gina Gaudio-Graves and her alliances to build up to receive48,000 members in 30 days on Aug'07.

Breakthrough #5: Henry Gold helped Steve Yakim, Claudia, and Heri Rosyadi to build up to receive 17,000 members in 30 days on Nov'07.

Breakthrough #6: Henry Gold built another 27,000 subscribers in 14 days with on Jan'08.

"Why Do I Tell You All These Credentials
Of The People I Work With?"

Why should you care, anyway?

Of course, you should.

With so many noises on the RIGHT way to build your business online, you need to be able to differentiate yourself and the rest. You can't go with so-called experts who just tell you that they are the EXPERT, when the truth is... "They just use you for their experiments". They can copycat what I do, but will they actually teach you the essential formula for success? Absolutely NOT!

Here is something else you need to know:

When I coach my students, I don't play games. I don't suger coat the facts. I give them a straight forward answers to the REAL problems they have in their business. It also means that you may NOT like me, but what I care MOST from you is RESULTS. In fact, I don't really care about your money. I care about your success. Money means NOTHING when I see all my students are miserable about their businesses.

This is the reason WHY I received testimonials like this:

"Henry, I went from $17,000 per month to $70,000 per month in six months" -- Steve Godlewski,

"I am Afraid to Think of What Would Happen to My Internet Business if I weren't Getting Henry's Help"

"Before being guided by Henry, I was frustrated, running around in circles and racking my brain on how to monetize my niche social networking website. There was no clear path for them to follow. I wasn't telling my visitors what I wanted them to do.

Fortunately I signed up for coaching with Henry and I am now in the process of reconstructing my business from the bottom up, the correct way. Henry is teaching me how put together a solid business plan and strong foundation for my Internet business.

Henry is also showing me how to monetize my site with a proven traffic generation system. I am really fortunate that I didn't actually launch my website before discovering my mistakes and how to correct them.

Now that I am constructing my business foundation the right way, when I launch my website it will grow exponentially and bring in money every month on autopilot. I suggest that you do not waste another minute in getting over to Henry's site and sign up for his training. Let Henry put you in the driver's seat and get you on the right track to success!

I am afraid to think of what would happen to my Internet business if I weren't getting Henry's help.

Temogen Amato

"Henry Gold Is ABSOLUTELY A Genius"

The first time I met Henry Gold, I was a little nervous because of his strong characteristics and domination in the Internet marketing world. When I started to work with him last November, I could ONLY describe him as a "GENIUS".

He quickly pointed out the mistakes I have made throughout my entire career. He described how this marketer and that marketer would BARELY survive online. Not ONLY was I SHOCKED, I was speechless.

Everything that he said to me, came true. He said that when I changed my business strategy, every marketer would want to approach me. He was RIGHT.

When I went to the JV alert, I was almost in tears, when 30+ attendees approached me, and said "Thank You For The Inspirational Letters". They did not know that Henry was coaching me on them.

I immediately called Henry up and said "THANK YOU". Without him, it would of been very difficult for me to take my business one step further than my competitors. If you have a chance to be coached by him, you MUST do it. Don't think twice about it!

Thank You So Much! I really appreciate all the guidance you have given me throughout my ventures.

Gina Gaudio-Graves (JV Queen)
Abundance Group, LLC

"If You Ever Have a Chance to be Coached by Henry Gold Its a No Brainer DO IT!"

Thanks Henry, What a great experience, at times I thought my head was going to explode with so much information. I can't believe how much you crammed into the training. The most amazing thing about it is there was no fluff just nut and bolts information you can put to use to build you business.

Did I say build your business? That's what Henry Gold teaches, building an online BUSINESS. They do teach you how to get money coming in while getting started, but the main focus is building a business for the long term. They provide the blueprints and their knowledge for you to build with.

If you put into practice what they teach there is no doubt that your business will grow and grow along with your income! I had been hopping around all over trying this and trying that all with no success.
Now I have the blueprints and know what to focus on and have already taken huge steps in putting it to action. If you ever have a chance to be coached by Henry Gold its a no brainer DO IT!

Bill Pruett

Furthermore, I am also going to be part of a movie this year, where we will start shooting the video in Chicago. I am NOT going to talk about what it will be, but the producer told me that he anticipates selling about 1,000,000 copies. I know it looks like a big deal to you. However, when I see the proposal very closely, I know that it can easily be done. HOW?

It's simple. It is what we referred to "The Money Flow Chart".

The way the money flow chart works is "Targeted Traffic + Sales Conversion" = Sales. As long as we have the RIGHT traffic to our website, a percentage of the people that visit our website will buy the product right away.

Let me give you an example on this:

Price of the product = $100
# of unique visitors =  1,000
Sales conversion =            3%
# of sales =                         30
Revenue =                    $3,000

When you see this scenario above, you know that all we need to is to increase the traffic from 1,000 unique visitors to 10,000 unique visitors in order to make $30,000.00 per month. This can be done as simple as 30 minutes per day. All you need to do will be to get 300 targeted leads come to your website on a daily basis. It is as simple as that!

When you know how the whole system works, your REAL next step is... Start doing it.

The problem most of the people have is... "Where do I start?" "What should I do?" "How can I get the results you mention above?"

How about the squeeze page?
How about setting-up the domain name?
How about setting-up the merchant account?
How about the autoresponder system?
How about setting-up your own web hosting service?

Well, it is really easy. In fact, even if you are just a newbie, you can break onto any market you want to within 30 days time frame.

REMEMBER: You can ethically, honestly and with a clear conscience promote "make money" type products, even if...
  • You don't have any experience.

  • You haven't made any money yet

  • You aren't good at writing emails or sales copy
Seriously, it doesn't the traffic mastery bootcamp I will show you step-by-step guide on how it's done!

So, what's exactly I am going to learn?

MODULE #1: Setting-up Your Business Foundation.

In the first week, we are going to set-up your website together. It means that you will have your own website from week one with your name on it.
  • Picking out your niche within Self improvement niche. -- There are many sub niches within the self improvement niche. You can always cross promote anything you want within each sub-niche. It doesn't have to be 100% targeted as long as it is within self improvement niche.

  • Set-up your website "main core" system
    Domain registration
    Web hosting
    Autoresponder system
    Merchant account
    Five affiliate products
    Link your squeeze page to affiliate proucts
    Link your squeeze page to your autoresponder system

  • Squeeze pages that actually convert visitors into subscribers
    Squeeze page format
    Thank you page to sell your affiliate products
    Welcome email to upsell your customers

  • Pre-written email templates on your five affiliate products + List building campaign
    Five email letters for each product
    Five product promotions
    Seven email templates to promote your partner product. -- I've been using these email formats to rake in tens of thousands of dollars every single month.

  • Set-up your JV giveaway account
    I will show you how to build your list fast. (1,000+ subscribers)
    I will show you how to leverage the traffic from JV giveaway.
    I will show you how to monetize from the list you receive from giveaway campaign.
    I will also show you how to create your product in 45 minutes or less. -- YEAP! No need to spend another dollar on your product.

    PLUS: You'll receive a backstage pass to the JV giveaway, where I will have my staff members to approve your gift immediately.

MODULE #2: Get 2,000 Subscribers Every Single Month.

During your week 2, we are going to use many different sources to drive traffic to build your list. -- YEAP! You will get the subscribers opt-in to your auto-responder system starting from day one on week 2. Here are different traffic sources you will experience:
  • Facebook Marketing -- Build your reputation, create your friends network, use pictures to create confidence within your potential clients, how to add friends, how to create free publicity, how too build trust, and much more.

  • Article Marketing -- How to write, what to write, and where to submit. When you do this based on our step-by-step system, you are able to get thousands of ezine publishers to include your article in their e-newsletters. (HINT: This is what I've been doing many times to receive close to about 7,000 new subscribers every single month)

  • Forum Marketing/Yahoo! Answer -- How to take advantage of millions of users on forum and Yahoo! answer for driving traffic back to your website. This is crucial. In fact, we've tested this method to GAIN thousands of unique visitors every single month to our website. We will show you how easy it would be for you.

  • Google Adwords -- How to get 5,000+ keywords in 1 hour. How to write google ads. How to drive the traffic to your site in 15 minutes or less. What you need to be aware of. What you need to do to spend ONLY 5 - 12 cents per click, instead of a traditional belief of $.70 - $1.50 per click.

  • Double Your Traffic With Give Away Campaigns -- Well, you are going to learn the insider secrets many 117 top contributors use to rack in tens of thousands of subscribers from giveaway campaign. -- It is a raw technique, yet, it is extremely effective for gaining thousands of new subscribers in a very short period of time.

  • Ad Swap Techniques -- You help me. I help you. Well, it is really depending on how many subscribers your partner will receive. -- This method is very easy to use. I've done this many times with my alliances, where we received at least 500 new subscribers per ad swap. HINT: You can simply do ad swaps four times per month to get an extra 2,000 new subscribers.

"1,000+ Subscribers 14 Days & 500 Followers From Twitter"

Dear Henry,

Before I attended the 30-day bootcamp, I really had no clue what Internet was all about. I had no HTML skill. I did not know what subscribers are. I had no clue what squeeze page was all about.


All I knew at that time was... "I wanted to quit my job". When I first started your 30-day bootcamp, you provided a lot of tutorials for us to follow.

At first, I was skeptcial. I asked myself whether this would work or not. However, every single time I went on a call with you, I knew that one way or the other, I would be able to monetize online. So, I have decided to give it a shot.

Though, I had to stay awake at 3 AM in the morning, due to the Time Zone, I had no problems at all. I followed each instruction carefully.

When I finally turn on the traffic system, I was in SHOCK. I just couldn't believe that I was able to get 60+ subscribers the very first day. I thought it was nothing. When I spoke with you, I knew I was in something really big.

Within 2 weeks, I received more than 1,000+ subscribers. Now, I need to work on the making money part. I know for the fact that this will workout as well, as you keep proving it to me that your step-by-step process is worth to follow.

Thank you, Henry. You really give me a good headstart on what I need to do to truly reach my financial freedom. Please don't stop showing us what to do.

Rita Bramlett

MODULE #3: Start Making Your First Dollar Online.

On week 3, we are going to start utilizing the subscribers you receive on your auto-responder system to sell affiliate products. YEAP! We will create the top-notch email letters together. You send to your list, you make the money, and you keep the dollars.
  • Create 5 different email letters for testing & tracking -- We are going to create five different email letters to sell your five affiliate products that you've chosen on week one.

  • Testing & tracking on which affiliate products give you the best sales conversion on your offer. -- We are going to see how much money you make on each product. Then, we are going to choose the WINNER for our special deal offer. (You'll see your first dollar here)

  • Create a special deal to boost your sales -- Once we've chosen the winner of the afiliate product we are going to sell, our next step is to create a special deal to boost the sales conversion by 217% or more. It means that, if you were to make $1,000 on your first test, we are going to boost your profit to $2,170.00 in four days. Make sense?

  • Create a schedule list for your offer -- This is a little bit tricky because you don't want to sound predictable in front of your audience. In other words, you don't want them to know that you are offering your special deal every week or every thursday. In other words, by creating a specific schedule on the promotion date, you are able to consistently receive between $3,000 - $4,000 per month.

"1,000+ Subscribers and $1,273 in Affiliate Commissions in Just 14 Days""

Dear Henry,

I have run a successful online business for a while, but my business was starting to plateau and I knew that I needed to increase my site visitor numbers and conversions.


When I asked around to the people I trusted the most in the industry who could give me the advice/help I needed, one name came up almost every time: Henry Gold.

From the first call I had with Henry, I knew that I had made the right choice to join his 30 Day Traffic Bootcamp. He gave me more ideas in a half hour conversation than I have gotten in thousand dollar plus programs.

I have already received more than 1,000+ subscribers and created $1,273 in commissions on autopilot just by making a couple of changes Henry suggested.

I have totally changed my marketing strategy based on what Henry has taught me. With just one small change Henry gave me, I cut my advertising costs in half. I also added more people to my list in 2 weeks than I had in my first 3 months online.

I wish I knew Henry when I first started. Working with Henry has been the best decision I have made so far in my business and has allowed me to increase my financial goals for this year. If you get the chance to work with Henry, take it!

Chuck Abbott

MODULE #4: Experiment Heavily on Making Money and Building Your Subscriber Base.

On week 4, it is all about creating the SPECIAL DEAL. You are going to learn what I did in the background to make $3,000 - $12,000 every 4 days. YEAP! I am NOT talking about one month or one year, but every four days. Furthermore, I am going to SHOW you how to stay competitive in a fierce market.

LOOK. It doesn't matter whether we are in a recession or NOT, the competitors are always on the RUN to get you. What you are going to learn in MODULE four is to stay ONE STEP ahead of your competitors. It means that by the time your competitors thought to COPY your idea, they are absolutely mistaken and too tired to catch up with you. Here is what you are going to BUILD:
  • How to create Special DEAL that give you the MOST dollars. -- I will show you using FIVE EXPERIMENTS I have done in the past.
  • Each experiment has given me between $3,500 and $12,000 in FOUR DAYS. Furthermore, I will even give you the letters I used to brought in those kind of stellar results.

  • How to Stay ONE STEP ahead of your competitors. -- The business has shifted. We are NO LONGER in the era of opportunity. Instead, we are in the era of attacking your competitors' weaknesses. Regardless whether you are a big or a small business, your competitors are GOING to FIGHT really hard. If you are being predictable, they will destroy you. -- You need to master module 4 to protect your business.

  • How to continously bring in an extra $8,000 to $12,000 every single month on Auto-Pilot -- There is NO single formula on this. It is based on solid prepration as well as putting the RIGHT system in place. In fact, once you have all the system in place, you can work 1 - 2 hours a day just for quick update. YEAP! There is no need to worry about the market. You can do it in no time.
That seems like a lot of stuff for 30 day traffic mastery bootcamp. However, I am NOT done yet. If you see what you will GET out of this mastery program, it is basically, I am building a business together with YOU. In other words, by the end of the bootcamp, you will have:
  • Your Own Business READY to Sell Affiliate Products
  • Your Own Subscriber Base Hungry For Your Offer
  • Your Knowledge on Getting 2,000 subscribers per month
  • Your Network of Friendship With Your Peers, which You Can Tap Into to do Swap Advertising Anytime You Want to
  • Your Freedom on Having Your Own Residual Income Running on An Auto-pilot
  • Your Chance to Work With me on Taking Your Business to $10,000 Per Month
  • And much, much more
Here is something ELSE you are going to receive every single month:
  1. Unlimited Email Access to Me, Henry Gold and My Coaches
  2. -- YEAP! Your success is MUCH more important than anything I have done in my own business. It means that you can email me every question that you have in your business. I will answer your questions within 24 hours between Monday and Thursday. I only work four days a week.

  3. One Q&A Webinar About Your Business -- It can be about google adwords, social networking sites, joint venture, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, copywriting, product creation, and much more. You submit your questions, I will answer all of them LIVE during the webinar time. NOTE: You will also receive the past archives on each webinar I have done in the past. It will be either in the written text or audio. If you are on the run like I do, you can slap it to your iPOD or if you are into the reading, you can print it out to read it word-by-word.

  4. One Interview Per Month With An Expert -- I am NOT into sugarcoating type of person. I am a very blunt type of person. In my interview, I will GRILL each speaker until the end. IF they do NOT know what they are talking about, I will definetely NOT recommend them. LOOK. This is the WORLD of transparency, not a sugar daddy type of world. If the experts want me to sugar coat them, they are NOT going to get my recommendation at all. NO EXCEPTION TO THE RULE.

    REMEMBER: You will also receive the archieve of the Interviews I have done in the past. In fact, to make it even better, I have also included the FOUR interviews I did with top marketers on strategies they used to BUILD $10,000,000 per year business. It is YOURS to keep!

  5. One Case study Per Month That Generates Between $3,500 and $12,000 in Four Days -- You will KNOW exactly what I did in the background. The prepration, the deal-maker, the steps, the letters, the website, the date I sent out the emails, and much more. YEAP! It is YOURS to copy.

    NOTE: I've also included five case studies to start out with. Some of them made as much as $18,000.00. (Make sure you follow the FOUR articles formats I used to generate $8,000.00 over the weekend of the U.S. Independence holiday)

  6. Unlimited Access to Other Students -- This community does NOT belong to me, but to you. You can use our private forum to connect with others. In fact, I even encourage you talk with each other. One of my students has been consistenly receiving between 60 and 67 subscribers per day. When you work on your module, chances are you are going to know more and more students who own between 15,000 and 25,000 NEW subscribers per year.

    Let's say you make a good friends with 20 students, who own a total of 500,000 subscribers. How big can you GROW your business? Well, I do NOT know. However, I do know that my network of friends own about 20 Million subscribers. Every single time I do a product launch, I can rake in between $200,000 and $500,000.00. How cool will that be for your business? Absolutely very cool!
Now, in order to help you get started even faster, I've decided to give you away everything that I own in the Internet marketing niche for FREE. I know it sounds CRAZY, but as I mentioned earlier that this is NO LONGER about me. I have had my success for a long time NOW. It is your TURN!

I want to be ABLE to show off like this to OTHERS:

"I Made A Total of 7 Sales
(That's 7% Conversion Ratio)
With Profit Margin of 45%"

I must admit the reason I got your course was not so much because of the courses itself but really due to the goodies that I'm going to get.

With all the bonuses that you promise..... I just couldn't resist - The Deal is Just Too Good To Be Passed!


But, when I tested it out, I was intrigued!

I mean....why not, rite....I have the access, why not take a look at it, even though, I'm sure that I'll found nothing new.

Boyzzzz, Was I Wrong????

Your Manual is Simply Amazing! I read and read and read and couldn't stop even though it's 4 a.m.!

I especially like the "Manual III & IV". What you're revealing about pay-per-click & sales letter writing are simply eye-opening.

.... But, I also feel like it's just TOO RIGHT TO BE TRUE!

So, here's what I do, instead of trashing the whole concepts, I decide to do an experiment.

I quickly set-up a google campaign, following your exact step-by-step instruction.


I receive an impressive 4% CTR on the "google search" and drive a total of 107 visitors. I made a total of 7 Sales (That's 7% Conversion Ratio) with profit margin of 45%.

I was stunned!

And, keep knocking on my head....why the hell I don't start 10 campaigns instead of 1!!!!

But,'s an experiment. Now, It's time for me to go FULL BLAST!

And, Here are the most interesting parts: I didn't sell my own product and I didn't even Collect any subscribers base.

All I did was simply choose an affiliate program that incorporate all the Elements on your "Sales Letter" Manual and set-up a google campaign with it - That's It! - No Website! No Product! No Mailing List!

Henry, Thanks again for creating Such an Incredible Program

All The Best!

Kavin Sutioso
Resale Rights Expert

"You Need to Listen to What Henry Gold Has to Say"

The information that Henry Gold dishes out is always high quality, top notch, insider key info that I have to get my hands on. No exceptions to this fact.

If you want to stay on top of what is working and will continue to work, then you need to listen to what Henry Gold has to say.

Sherif Osman
Business Software, Inc.

"WOW what a great training session. I have been studying my notes on your list building strategies and JV secrets, strategies, and mistakes. This is solid knowledge that I am already beginning to successfully implement in my own business.

Thanks for the GREAT advice."

Mark Call

"Your information was like a light bulb going off in my head and instead of the wheels just spinning the cogs started
to mesh on how to put together a campaign that would build me a responsive list (I know, I know "the money is in the list").

Keep up the excellent work, looking forward to more of the them in the future."

Chris Layton, Australia

"By Learning From Henry Gold (Newbie or Advance), You will DEFINETELY Reach Your Financial Prosperity. NO EXCEPTION!"

Prior Joining Henry's program, There was a time a short while ago that I was buying up just about every program, course, ebook,that the big gurus were throwing at me, and they still are. I was going broke, and getting absolutely nowhere.

I didn't know why because they all said how to do it, but when I did it, it didn't work. Oh sure a few bucks here and there, but it cost me more with Pay Per Clicks to get those measly sales.

Until I saw Henry's program... The first week of the coaching course, I turned to my wife and said "This is it, this is what I've been waiting for"

Henry has given me more than I could ever dream of, mainly because I didn't even know I had to all of what I have been taught. No one else have told anything like what they are teaching, and I believe they never will.

This program teaches an incredible amount of business strategy, right from the ground up. The AWESOME part is Henry "Pint and Point" the weakness of the competitors on the industry we target. (Now, I know!)

They told us on how this company goes down and why that company continues to climb the wall of success. I don't know who you are. I just know that by learning from Henry (Newbie or Advance), you will DEFINITELY reach your financial prosperity. NO EXCEPTION!

Follow him, He will take you to the top, for years to come.

Mark G Roberts

"One of The Ideas You Gave me was
Resulted Onto $50,000 in Sales"

I don't know what else to say. Henry, one of the ideas you gave me was resulted onto $50,000 in sales for one of my clients in Australia. If it is NOT because of your guidances, I wouldn't be able to achieve that at all.

The word "Thank You" is really NOT a simple word to describe what you have done for me. I could only describe you as a leader with integrity, passion, and genuine on giving back to the society.

Thank you so much to give me the chances of learning from you. You are the best of the best!

Sandy Liu,
International Sales Consultant
Shundae, China

This is also the REASON WHY, when you get this coaching program, you are also going to receive:

Here is What You Will Also Receive For Free...

Exclusive Bonus #1: (Retail Price: $997)'s Package Vol.II

Normally $997.00
(See Full Sales Page here)

"The most complete, clear, and concise package that I have ever seen
on the subject of succeeding/profiting online"
- Larry Sullivan's Package Vol. II's Details:

At a Fraction of the Full Value, You'll Receive: (Over 700+ Pages)

Manual    I: Top Strategies to Setting-up Your Business in 7 Steps
Manual   II: Essential Trigger Content -- Have Your Site Up In 24 Hours
Manual  III: Write Web Content That Generate A 12% Sales Ratio
Manual  IV: Drive 10,000 Targeted Unique Visitors every day to your site
Manual   V: Work less, Make More, And Business Secret You Don't Know

Interview      I: Mike Glaspie (Build 500,000 Subscribers in Few Short Weeks)
Interview     II: Russell Brunson (Joint Venture Secrets & Public Domain)
Interview   III: Scott Foster (How To Network With Top Notch Marketers)
Interview    IV: Ian Herculson (Email Marketing -- Problem Solving Secrets)
Interview     V: Henry Gold (Strategies of Selling High-Price Products)
Interview    VI: Jason Mangrum (The Power Behind Tracking Sales Letters)
Interview  VII: Carlos Garcia I (Six-Figures Income Via Membership Sites)
Interview VIII: Carlos Garcia II (Outsourcing Secret Strategies)

*'s Complete Package Vol.II which contains all the raw techniques Henry Gold has used to explode his business to over $600,000 a year and growing. In fact, it took Seven Creative Months (3,780 hours) to extract all the secrets into this course, so you are able to make at least $10,000 per month in the next 90 days.

Additionally, this course includes the breakthrough strategies that Henry Gold used on Version. I (Dec 19'05), where He magnetized more than 1,200,000 hits to his site in just 24 hours.

Exclusive Bonus #2: (Retail Price: $497)
The Copywriting Secret's Home-Study Course

The Copywriting Secret
"You are CRAZY to share this information with others, I wish you can just keep
the copywriting secret among all the top marketers"
- Jason Cooper

What am I going to receive?

As you can see above, The Copywriting Secret's Home-Study Course is a rich-content package complete with case studies, four modules, video tutorials, interviews with many of the top marketers and copywriters in the world, as well as unlimited access to the members only discussion forum.

Here is the breakdown of the package you'll receive in : (34 CDs)

checkmark Quick Start-up Guide CD - This is NOT a regular quick guide CD like you have seen in the past. This CD allows you to see your business as a long-term vision. This is what every successful company does to maintain the growth of their company. (NOTE: Listening to this CD will definetely help you take your business to a whole new level).
checkmark Four Module Step-by-Step CDs - On these four modules, I explain in detail the step-by-step components that make up the entire copywriting secret. In addition, I explain in details how you can write your front-end, back-end, upsell, and how to build your business the correct way. As well as building strong foundations with other successful marketers.
checkmark Four Case Study CDs - On these four case studies, you will learn the changes that I have made on two front-end copywriting sites and two back-end copywriting sites. I explain in detail the 8 components and 3 factors that I personally used to tear apart their websites. This will NOT only help you to build your website, but it will also allow you to establish your credibility in your field.
checkmark Four Video Case Study DVDs - On these four video case studies, I explain in further detail exactly how and what the components really are. In addition you will learn exactly what and why I made the changes that I did. Each video is between 30 - 45 minutes. This will allow you to just "fill in the blanks" when you are creating your own powerful conversion website.
checkmark Nine Powerful Copywriting Flow Charts - By owning these nine flow charts, you NO longer need to worry about where the technology is heading. You NO longer need to worry what tools you need or what product you need to use. If the technology you are trying to use does NOT match the flow charts, simply modify the structure of the technology to make it alignment with the flow charts. It is that simple!
checkmark Audio Grilling CDs Interview - The word "Grilling" sound a little extreme. However, on these interviews I did NOT give pitty to Terry Dean, Mark Joyner, Gary Ambrose, and Mike Filsaime. I intentionally squeezed their knowledge and brains on the copywriting secret. In fact, when you listen to the grilling interview I did with master marketer Mark Joyner, where he revealed some of his insider secrets when I grilled him on his business strategy.

Exclusive Bonus #3: (Retail Price: $297)
Two-Hour Conference Call about "How to Get 3,000 Joint Venture Partners in 10 Days"
As I have already hold one of the biggest strategic alliances in the Internet Marketing industry, I NO LONGER need to keep the deepest secret on Joint Venturing with other marketers.

Why is that, Henry?

LOOK. My network of contacts is holding OVER 10,000,000 subscribers on Internet marketing industry. In addition, we are in the process to grow it to OVER 50,000,000 subscribers (YES! 50,000,000 subscribers) in the next two years.

It means that everytime I am ready with a new product line, I can just ask my buddies (Some of the MOST powerful marketers in the world) to PROMOTE it CRAZILY. When you have that type of networks, you don't even need to worry about marketers will STEAL your formula. :-)

WARNING: There will be NO RECORDING on this teleconference. It means that the information that I am going to share with you will be kept among the attendees who listen to the teleconference call. I want to keep this secret underground. Too many people knowing this secret, will NOT be great for all of us.

In other words...

You either participate on this teleconference call, or be prepare to REGRET it forever. This "NO-HOLDS" barred teleconference will show you the EXACT step-by-step formula I've personally used to have a network of marketers who hold more than 10,000,000 subscribers in the Internet marketing industry.

Here are "Some" Benefits You Will Get Out of This Conference:
  • The "Three" Magic Formulas You Must Memorize for Getting Top-Notch Marketers to Work With you. -- HINT: I have personally utilized these underground strategies for over THREE YEARS. It works everytime. It works on every occassion. It will also work for your business as well. NO EXCEPTION!

  • The "Fastest & Quickest" Way to Become A Celebrity in Your Field. -- I do NOT care what niche you are targeting. I do NOT care whether you are a "newbie" or an "advance" marketer. I just know that when you ABSORB the secret techniques I share with you on this call, you will be suprised on how easy it is to PUT YOURSELF in the SPOTLIGHT in just weeks.

  • "Why It is a Big Mistake to Ask Any Marketer to Joint Venture With You?" -- I can tell you at this moment that 99.99% of the marketers in the world are making this big mistake. They RUSH on getting marketers to promote them. They CRAZILY on making an irresistible offer. Still, nobody wants to promote them at all.

  • The "Forbidden" Secret All My Friends Hide about Building A Strong Network of Alliances. -- I do NOT know how many alliances you have. However, in the web 2.0 era, you REALLY need to have allies. Not just regular allies. Not people who will BETRAY you in the end. How do you choose partners? How do you network with them? How do you get the right ones? Listen to this conference call! (PERIOD)

  • Do You Want to Make More Money? -- Every partner that I personally work with can give me an extra $50,000 each. I am NOT talking about they promote your product or they endorse to their lists. In fact, it is NOT all that in building a strong alliances with other marketers. In this call, I will share with you EXACTLY what I did with my alliances. This is what leads me to a SEVEN-FIGURE income.

  • "How to Get 3,000 Joint Venture Partners in 14 Days" -- I have tested this formula three times now. Not ONLY it is easy to use, but it also works all the time. In fact, I even give this formula to one of my closest allies, he came to me and said, "DUDE, HOLY COW! This is AWESOME!"

  • Too much too list!
Again... As this is as confidential as it can be, I am NOT going to record any part of this conversation at all. Neither will I share this "Sensitive" information with the public in the future. In other words, for those of you who will participate on this call, I have NO DOUBT you will see a DRASTIC improvement in your business.

"Henry Gold is The Best on Give Away
Campaign" - Mike Filsaime


When it comes to give away campaign, you are the one I want to get advise from. You are simply the best at them. In fact, when I did mine, your flow was my inspiration.

Mike Filsaime
Viral Marketing Expert

Exclusive Bonus #4: (Retail Price: $247 per month)
Study Buddies & Joint Venture Opportunity

May be you want to have a breakfast?
Maybe you want to have a chat on the phone?
Maybe you want to co-author on products?
Maybe you are looking for joint venture partners?

It ALL starts from "Study Buddy".

A Study buddy is NOT only important, but it is a must these days. With the world around the net getting more and more sophisticated, you don't want to be LEFT OUT in the dark.

As my subscribers, we will hook you up to the same forum, where all our "four-week" coaching program students gather with each other. You guys can put in your name, email address, URL, and phone number to be contacted. This way, if you would like to contact each other or perhaps create a strategic alliance with one another, feel free to do so!

I don't know how to put a price tag on this. I just know that when you joint venture with your friends (other members) who are willing to GROW. The possibilities are endless.

Exclusive Bonus #5:
Unlimited Email Access to Henry Gold and His Associates (Retail Price: $497 Per month )

Since I would like to make sure you receive guidance on getting your business off the ground, you will get my private email access and can send me email questions... and I'll answer them within 24 hours Monday through Thursdays (I don't work Friday through Sunday).

Want me to review your ad copy?
Want me to guide you on generating the traffic?
Want me to show you how to choose your profitable passion?
Want me to show you how to write email letters that sell?
Want me to choose the right resources for you?
Want me to review your business plan?

Note: Your emails will never be handed off to an employee or outsourced worker. I and my top coaches will deal with them personally...and it's the only way you can have one-on-one contact with me directly.


"PRICELESS!"... Mr. Gold's new program is bar none the best Internet Marketing package I have ever read.

When it comes to Making money online, Mr. Gold really knows his stuff. I could not believe my eyes on what I was reading.

This program can show you step-by-step how any average "Joe" can start a profitable Internet Business. The secrets you reveal are worth over a MILLION DOLLARS.

I thought I knew everything about Internet Marketing, but Mr. Gold has proved me WRONG! I can honestly say that
I will make an extra $200,000 this year.

THANKS Mr. Gold!!!!

Chris Fuchs, CEO
Internet Marketing Consultant

Let's Summarize What You Get...

Grab Your Traffic Mastery Program
At The Bottom of This Page.

(Building Your Business in 30 Days)

I'll also give you the following Additional bonuses...'s Package Vol.II
(The Easiest Way to Make Money Online)
TheCopywritingSecret's Home-Study Course
(#1 Internet Marketer's Secret Weapon)
Two Hours of Teleconference Calls
(Get 3,000 JV Partners in 10 days)
Study Buddies & Joint Venture Opportunities
(Dominate Your Network)
Unlimited email access to Henry Gold and his associates
(Get your questions answered)

Total Value: U$ 2,535.00

                                                $1,997 FREE!

... but you must act right now - not tomorrow - not next week -
Once we we have 5,000 4,777 4,577 4,377 3,777 2,977 1,977 977 377 247 137 77 47 17 "members", we will take down this page.

... and all you have to do is register for FREE ($1 authorization fee applied) to test drive my membership site for 14 days. If you like the membership site, do nothing, and you will automatically be billed $49.97 a month. You can cancel at anytime and never be billed again, and the rest is yours to keep. Sign up for your 14 day free trial now!

Success is YOURS,

Henry Gold, President
117Network, LLC

"Henry is THE KING of Doing This Simply because Henry doesn't Talk About It, He's doing It"

"There's only one marketer that I know who consistently makes money and build a huge list with giveaway promotion - Henry Gold.

He is THE KING of doing this simply because Henry doesn't talk about it, he's doing it. As a matter of fact, he has created for himself a cookie cutter system for duplicating success with giving away!

I personally know Henry's strategies work because I've build a list and made money by participating in Henry's giveaway promotion.

Patric Chan
Niche Marketing Expert

P.S. - Remember, there is nothing that beats the word FREE (and I GUARANTEE you will
, especially after you know how valuable the "customer list" you build with the premium download is) it will cost you $1,997 minus the bonuses.

So grab it now. This is the only time you will
get everything you see above for FREE... Ever!

P.P.S. - Still skeptical that "Traffic Mastery Bootcamp" is the one that you need? Let me give you one reason why this program is the only solution you will need for online success.

Think about this, ok? Most marketers will NOT coach you for FREE. If you've seen an advertisement for LIVE webinar for free, the word "FREE" is merely for their 60 minute webinar where they will UPSELL you with a useless $4,997.00 or even $9,997.00 coaching program. Many of their students NEVER see any return on their investment. WHY?

It's simple. They saw what we do in the background to become very successful online on selling "high-ticket" item. They follow the RULE as a way to sell worthless coaching program for $4,997 and $9,997 to teach you how to make a website and make money, where the TRUTH is they have NEVER made a penny online. This is WHY I am totally fed up with those self-proclaim experts. I just think that it is very unethical to preach their ideas to others without practicing them FIRST in their own businesses.

This is ALSO the reason why I've decided to give the "Traffic Mastery Bootcamp" for FREE!

I want you to test drive the traffic mastery program, create your own website, get 2,000 subscribers per month, and make $3,000 - $4,000 per month on Auto-Pilot. Put the system into action and start growing your business immediately for FREE.

This way, you are able to tell others WHAT you have learned from the program without chipping out thousands of wasted dollars to those marketers.

However, you need to understand this...

I accept NO MORE than 500 members to take on this program for the first round. I am NOT sure when I will open the site again to the public after all 500 seats are taken. The reason for this because I want to be able to HELP a group of members who are very serious on changing their lives. This way, I can guarantee your success as long as you follow the step-by-step guidance I am going to provide them to you.

So, what are you waiting for?

In fact, you are not the one who is taking the risk. I AM! If you don't think the traffic mastery bootcamp works for you, tell me and I will cancel the membership for you immediately. Remember, this offer is only valid when you act right NOW! (Not tomorrow - not next week - Once we have 5,000 4,777 4,577 4,377 3,777 2,977 1,977 977 377 247 137 77 47 17 "takers", we will take down this page.)

                                                $1,997 FREE!

... but you must act right now - not tomorrow - not next week -
Once we we have 5,000 4,777 4,577 4,377 3,777 2,977 1,977 977 377 247 137 77 47 17 "members", we will take down this page.

... and all you have to do is register for FREE ($1 authorization fee applied) to test drive my membership site for 14 days. If you like the membership site, do nothing, and you will automatically be billed $49.97 a month. You can cancel at anytime and never be billed again, and the rest is yours to keep. Sign up for your 14 day free trial now!


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